I think I met her during the whole OSB Battle of the Bands in 2002. We were participants during the last show, and since I was sooo convinced we would be making it to the final rounds, we decided to attend all the shows to "size up" our competition haha. I forgot who exactly she was there to see, but I wound up talking to her brother first, trying to sell him some tickets. It was funny, because while me and Joel were standing in line waiting to get into the show, we noticed her alright. She had the BIGGEST tits there. I think she was wearing like a pink tank top or something, but the things were like triple Ds.

Anyways, I wanted to talk to her, because at this point in my life, even though I was with Jenna, we had an OPEN relationship, meaning we could talk and hook up with whoever we wanted, we just didn't talk about it. I wound up talking to her brother I think it was the week before, and when I saw her, I was like "dude I gotta get with this girl". I had no experience with tits at all, in fact every girl I had dated prior to her had normal sized tits. I wanted to finally get with someone who had the huge ones.

We wound up talking, after her brother introduced her (I didn't want her to think I was only talking to her because of the breasteses...haha) I wound up being able to sell her a ticket to our show, which was the final show in the first round of competitions (there were 5 shows total. The winners from each of the 5 shows moved on to the final round, and I think it was 5 of those winners got to play at the THIS ISLAND EARTH FEST which was a huge festival on Long Island with a bunch of huge ass bands).

I think when I hooked up with her, it was during one of the shows that Joel and I had a bet going to see who could hook up with the most girls. He couldn't get one, I think I hooked up with 3 that time around. Jeanine may have been the first one I kissed. The week of our show, I kissed her because I promised I would kiss her if she came. It was funny, because that was actually after Jenna left. I remember her breath stunk at that show. The first time we kissed, I actually enjoyed it. But then her breath fucking stunk man. I think she was one of the people that inspired me to start chewing ORBIT whenever I was with a girl cause I didn't want my breath to stink. I think she ate a cookie or something.

She wound up going into my SPANK BANK haha. I beat it thinking about her a few times. I think in my "fantasies", we were in a van and wound up fucking with a black light on. The van was carpeted and it covered up any cellulite she could have had (I don't even know if she had any or not. I'm only saying that now, because for whatever reason back then, the black light was just part of the fantasy, and that was that)

I talked to her online every once in awhile. I always tried getting her to hook up with me, but I think the way I handled it after kissing her with the bad breath, was kind of a turn off, and she figured I was just trying to get some ass. In a way I was, but at the same time, back in the day, I was never close minded to a relationship. I could have gone out with her, I may have. Who the hell knows?

Later on, when we were playing shows with SLW, she wound up dating Ed Long, our third guitarist who is a fucking faggot. I hate the kid. (And I don't mean faggot as in HOMOSEXUAL I mean faggot as in spineless pussy. I'm sorry if it offends you, I'm so used to using it in that way.) I never understood why Ed Long was able to date the girl, but not myself. Once again though, it came down to the whole kissing with the bad breath thing. Or the fact that Ed was a pussy. If I came across wanting a relationship, I'm sure she would have taken me up on it. I think she said she had pity sex with the kid once. He probably cried knowing his wimp ass.

I talked to her this year I believe. It was via AIM (what else?). She's been with some kid for a few years, and pretty convinced that he is "the one". She told me her brother is in some professional band that's signed to Warner Brothers or some shit (if I remember correctly), but who knows. Everybody claims to know somebody, somehow, someway that's getting signed or big or some shit. As far as I'm concerned, we all suck nowadays. However, I bear no resentment, or any hard feelings towards this girl. I genuinely like her, and I hope the best for her. I'm pretty sure she's doing some college shit, and she's going to make money with the career, I just can't remember what career that was...