September 1998
Still Talk?: No

Keri. I remember this girl from Earth Science in 9th grade. I had just moved from San Diego to NY a few months earlier, and I knew nobody. I think this girl may have been one of the first I met.

I had a hard time meeting people. First off, my parents picked out my clothes, and I looked like a shithead, and my attitude sucked, to go along with that. I had no confidence, I was used to the way things went out in CA everytime I attended a new school...people would just come up to me and introduce themselves. I knew everyone by the end of the day.

Well, that wasn't the only problem either. I was going to Sachem highschool. My class, as of 9th grade, had about 1200 people in it. Roughly, that would be about 600 people from each middle school. So now, I wasn't the new kid. Everyone was the new kid.

This girl was in my earth science class. I think the only reason we even started talking was because I had no friends. She didn't seem like a top of the social ladder type either, so I think I met her, and then when they had some highschool orientation shit, I wound up hanging around her all day, and some freak girl. I remember always seeing her carry around all her books, and I always thought it would be funny if somebody tripped her.

I don't remember much about her at all though. I always used to think she reminded me of my dog Kiki. She also had an annoying voice. And most of the times, she used it to embarass me (back when I had shame haha). If I was in the halls of highschool, and she saw me, but I didn't see her, she would scream in that high pitched voice of hers "FREDDDDY!" I think at one point during the year, me and my buddy Gary, who was in most of my classes (odd that anyone would have the same person in any class with attendance so sky-high) woound up pissing off this girl, cause I remember seeing her with a pissed face at one point, though I can't remember any details at all.

I think in 10th grade once I wound up going home with my buddy Mat Ramos who I was going to start a band with. Apparently, this Keri girl was on the same bus as him. When she found out that I would be coming home on the same bus as her, she fucking went ballistic, screaming in pure joy. I don't know why, because by 10th grade, I had barely spoken to her since we no longer had classes together. It was really kind of embarassing and I think at this point I told her off a little. Don't quote me, cause seriously, I don't remember.

After that, I rarely saw her again in highschool. I know she has a picture in the Sachem yearbook where she's in her Cross Country outfit, and it's not really a flattering picture. But hey, who the fuck said ANY of my pictures in that book were CLOSE to being flattering?

I think about 2 or 3 years after highschool, I ran into her. She was working at Starbucks, and when I talked to her, I didn't even recognize her. She looked good. And the best part was, she didn't get excited to see me. It was kind of like "Holy shit! How are you?" not the loud obnoxious squeeling haha. I think she was going to college at Stonybrook and this was a part time job. But I was happy to see she was doing well and that she had grown up (since you know, I'm the judge of what makes someone grown up).

Since then, I have not seen her at all, or heard from her. I added her to myspace because I was searching through the 2002 Sachem HS graduates and I wound up adding everyone who I knew. If she even remembers who I am, I doubt she could even remember half of what I just wrote. I don't really care if she's doing well, but I'd be happy to hear it. She really didn't play a significant role in my life, so I don't know what lessons I could have learned from this. She wound up being the background face in the movie, and that's all.