Met: Around March-May 2002
Still talk?: Yes

Joi. Haha, as far as I know she no longer spells it that way. She spells it "Joy". However, I'm going to stick to when I met her, and it was the PUNK ROCK thing to do.

This girl is one of my favorite things about Long Island. I met her at a show in 2002, during the CASTLE GOLF days, and we've been friends since. We went about 3 years without seeing each other, but as soon as we got together, it was like we were great friends all over again. She's always been there if I needed to bitch, I can tell the girl anything, and I'm guessing I'm the same way back to her. We've talked online consistantly since I met her, and it's awesome.

I remember back in 2002. I think the first show I met her was at THE CASTLE GOLF on March 23rd. I don't know for sure, so DON'T QUOTE ME! I'm pretty sure that was the first time we played with THE BETTER HALF, and I'm pretty sure she was there the first time we played with those guys. I saw her there, and she was wearing a skirt. I was kind of attracted to her. Her legs looked good, and she looked pretty in 70s kind of way. Haha whatever that means. Either way...We wound up talking. I think I gave her my screename. I was friends with her and a bunch of her other friends, who all went to Bayport. We went through the whole online thing, talking and getting acquainted, and eventually, somebody told me she thought I was hot. I was like "dude I thought this girl was a slamma-lamma, lets do it!" Originally, I wanted to hook up with one of her other friends, this girl Shannon (who from what I know, later became a coke head), but I think she had a boyfriend. It was mainly because she was blonde, and I had never actually hooked up with a girl who wasn't brunette. Well, her hair was blonde color, whether or not she actually was.p> Anyway, I remember picking her up at BURGER KING one night we decided to chill. She was chilling with a few of her friends, and more than one was probably trying to get with her. They must have been so pissed when I rolled up in my NISSAN MAXIMA (well my parents NISSAN MAXIMA haha) and took her from them. It was late at night, probably only like 1030 though. We went out driving, and I think we both just wanted to hook up. I don't know where we went first, but I know where we ended haha.

We wound up going to an elementary school and going to the playground area, where we proceeded to hook up. After making out for awhile, while we were under "a blanket of stars" (lol gay...I'm just letting you know the setting.), we were also in the middle of a sandbox on a children's playground, I asked her if she had ever given head before. She said no, but she would try. So yeah she proceeded to give me a blow job. It wasn't bad, but I really didn't have much blow job experience, so who the fuck knows? It was kind of chilly out, and it was kind of a cool feeling to have your dick sucked outside on a kids playground. I don't know what exactly stopped us, but something did. Somebody else may have entered the playground. Whatever, we wound up leaving and I brought her back.

I'm not sure if this had happened before or after I met Jenna. Keep in mind though, Jenna and I had an open relationship, so this was acceptable.

Joi came to many of the N25/TBH shows throughout the summer at Castle Golf. She was one of the "regulars". It was cool to have a crew like that, seeing the same people come to the shows all the time. Personally, I probably couldn't do that, cause I get so bored, but for whatever reason, many people can.

I know there was another time during the summer when I hooked up with her again, though I don't remember the exact date. We went out to the beach by Sayville, and they had JUST started locking the gates at night, which pissed me off. We went in the parking lot, and she proceeded to suck me off (yeahhhh), and then a security guard came up and knocked on my window. Hahaha. She hid under a blanket. I actually saw the guy coming up, so I was forewarned. We escaped, and we couldn't find another place for her to suck my dick. Hahaha. It's fucked up I know. I TRIED to touch her, or go down on her, but she wouldn't let me. She was really self conscious about it. So it's not like I was being selfish.

When the OSB BATTLE OF THE BANDS started up that summer, she wound up showing up to almost all of them as well as me and Joel. I think she went to the ones with HSFH and PATENT PENDING, who she was friends with (I don't know if she met them through our show with them at CASTLE GOLF) I remember during one show, she won tickets to another big name show (Diffuser maybe?) because she got on stage and licked a girls eye (I think it was Giselle).

When our week came around, she was one of the like 20 people who showed up to support us haha. We sucked, but it's okay. She was one of the like 8 people to actually stick around til the end of the show to cheer for us when they did that NOISE-O-METER thing (ours was like dead silent).

After that, we had no more CASTLE GOLF shows due to a falling out I had with Chuck, the fat ass owner. I remember at the Junction 18 show, this fucking prick Chuck didn't show up. We had about 102 people there, and Junction 18 had a guarantee of about 150 bucks. After the show ended, the security guard, who was running shit for Chuck, told me that Chuck told him not to give me any money until he got back. It put me in a tough situation. I had to wind up scouring up money from anyone I could find. The most I could give them was 100 bucks. A week later, that's all Chuck gave me. I told him I was through doing business with him. (About two months later they called me and asked me if I wanted to be hired as the guy who booked shows for Castle Golf. I told them "no" and hung up. The fucking nerve of some people.)

I think Joi came to the last 4 of our shows, even though none were at Castle Golf. September 8th at THE OUTER LIMITS in SMITHTOWN (I don't know for sure if she was actually here), and then the final three we had. One was September 23rd, 2002 with UNSUNG ZEROES. We were like one of the first bands to play. It was basically, just a favor one of my friends was doing us. We wanted to be on a show with the ZEROS and PUNCHLINE. This was a day after her sister got into a car accident and died. I felt really bad, but I don't remember if I was the first person that she called, or if I even offered the shoulder (I would have, of course). I remember the story, that her sister blacked out while driving the car. At first I was kind of pissed because I was like "why was she driving?", but it was just my immature views on life at the time. I realized shortly after hearing the full story why it had happened. Regardless, I still felt terrible for Joi.

I remember we dedicated BETTER DAYS to her, and I think she wound up crying. I think UNSUNG ZEROES also dedicated a song to her (fucking pricks. Stealing my idea...haha). I remember driving her home that night. I think her parents got pissed at her for being out late on what was a school night (I think it was a Monday), and I remember the next day she mentioned to me the conversation with her mom consisted of: how rough of a time she'd been having, and then the fact that NOON TO FIVE dedicated BETTER DAYS to her. It sounded dramatic at first, but that wasn't the exact thought in my mind. The way she told me the story, I didn't understand why mentioning the BETTER DAYS thing was relevant.

I think around September 15th, it was the last time we hooked up. I went over to her house, and into her room. Matt from TBH and Giselle were over there on the floor hooking up. He was going down on her, but Joi still wouldn't let me do this. My throat was really hurting at the time. Sometimes, Joi's tongue kind of had a strong spit taste to it. Of course, I never said this. I figured it was because, hey, in 10th grade, I didn't brush my tongue when I brushed my teeth either, so who cares? But I mean sometimes I really didn't want to kiss her. This wasn't one of those times, my throat honestly was burning.

I was asking her to give me head, and she felt bad doing it, I think because Matt was there, and he was like her brother or something. She kept asking Matt if she should do it, and eventually, as he was between Giselle's legs, he was just like "joi, Give him head" just to shut her up haha. It was the first time I saw Joi's tits, and I was pretty impressed. They were niceeee. Yeah so she gave me some brain brain, and it was the first time she swallowed. Oh man it felt soo good. I stayed for a little bit afterwards, just so she didn't think I was a total dick. I was supposed to be home like 2 hours prior. I wound up using the "my friend was drunk, and I had to take him home" excuse, and it worked. This was during the end of the JENNA experience. I didn't really feel a strong emotional attachment to Joi, but there were times that I considered going out with her.

There was another time during the summer we were chilling. We went to FRIENDLY'S I think. She ran into this dude from this band POINT BLANK named Ryan. I think they had something kind of going on between them, and Joel started mentioning the fact that Joi had given me a blowjob. I know Ryan was pretty pissed about it, and he held a grudge against me and her for a few years. The funny thing is, he's now good friends with my sister, and he doesn't appear to hold a grudge anymore. Plus this was in 2002, I'm writing in 2007. Who holds grudges that fucking long?

I remember that night taking Joi out to the car, and she was sitting in my lap. We had chilled all night at her house watching BLACK KNIGHT (which was like Cedric the Entertainer or something, it was a terrible movie). I was leaving and I took her outside, and I had her ass on my lap, and dude I wanted to fuck her sooo bad. She was a virgin and wouldn't let me, but she has told me since then, that she was tempted that night to "just do it".

In around October, or maybe November, after the Jenna experience ended, this was the last time I would see Joi for nearly a year. She asked me for a ride to this dude Brian's house, who was the merch dude for KID BLAST, a band we fucking hated. The kid didn't like me either, but I think he played hockey or something. He lived in Commack. I was like "Yo Joi, do NOT fuck this kid man he's a faggot!" She still says he was hot, and that's okay, but she wound up sucking him off I think. Haha I wasn't mad, I just hated that band and all their friends.

In November I started dating some girl from my job at Bagel Lovers named Jeanine. She had big tits, and that was it. No personality. About as boring as a piece of wood. I dated her until June. I remember in April, Joi had told me she lost her virginity, and wanted to fuck me. I told her no, cause I wouldn't cheat on the gf, which was the honest reason why not. I think it was in that month that she started hitting some depression. She was talking a lot about suicide, and a lot of deep problems.

About a month later, after trying to help her out as much as I could, she started dating some dude JOE. Then, her mood magically changed. This girl was like on top of the world. She went from being depressed to being in love instantly it seemed. I was happy for her, and glad somebody could take care of her. Then in June, me and Jeanine broke up, and now I wanted to fuck Joi. She wouldn't at this point, because this relationship was a big thing to her, and I wouldn't try to pressure her any differently.

At about this time, May, or June 2003, I start up the band again. It was the exact lineup as Noon to Five, except without Kenny. We had Mike Friedell on bass, who I met through Chris Milton. He was about 50 times the bassist Kenny was. A few months later, we started playing shows.

I think Joi came to our second show at REDZONE in Middle Park? It was in Queens. It was the second show we had, October 5th 2003, and about a month after our last one. It was funny, because a year ago on that date, Noon to Five was supposed to play at the Redzone on October 4th. We broke up on the second of October 2002. Just a funny coincidence. Joi came out with us to the show in my mini bus. The SLW mini bus. We had great times in that thing. We always tried packing it out whenever we played a show. A lot of people knew who our band was just because of the big yellow tard bus we brought. This is one of the shows I had recorded.

I remember earlier in this day, when I tried changing gears on the bus, the connection became loose, and I thought my bus had broke down. I remember asking Joi if she could pack out her car with people and our equipment to help us get out there. She reluctantly agreed to help, but then we found out what the problem was with the bus, and we were able to avoid that problem altogether.

We took the bus out on the long road to Queens. I taped this whole show, and ride over. Most of the time we were all on the bus fucking around, and at one point Joel and Joi got into a HUGE heated arguement because Joel didn't say hi to Joi at the mall or something like that.

The show at REDZONE went pretty well according to my memory. It was one of the best times we had playing a show, other than CCC. I think we played with PATENT PENDING (Who I still think are shitty), and some band called AVERY from NJ, who at the time sounded like JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS, but everybody has since told me they've become bigger.

After the show we took the bus back to east LI, and at one point, we got everyone on the bus to stick their asses out the window. We had a black dude, 2 white kids, and a spanish dude, so it was like schmorgasboard of asses on the LIE. Haha. At the time, it was the funniest thing I had ever seen. I have this part all on tape as well haha.

We went out to eat pizza at some place in Port Jeff, cause that's where CRAZY BLACK MIKE lived, and he had been part of the SLW CREW that we brought to every show. I remember after eating, we all went outside and Crazy Black Mike climbed into a shopping cart and we threw him against one of the curbs. That, again, was one of the funniest things I had seen. Then some bitch lady came up to us and told us she was a cop and that we'd better leave or else she'd arrest us. Unfortuneatly, it's not a good idea to test a person claiming to be a cop, cause generally, they won't have the balls to come up to us just for fucking around. Or maybe they would? Maybe she was like a mall cop. Who knows?

After that show, we played a few others. I think Joi came with us to THE VILLAGE PUB NORTH, and maybe the CCC show, but I don't remember entirely. After the band dismembered, which happened after we recorded our full length, I didn't see or hear from Joi for awhile after that. I may have ran into her once or twice, we talked online every once in awhile, but it was a looong time before I saw her again.

I joined the Navy in November 2005. November 7th is when I actually got to bootcamp. After all my training, I eventually got staioned in Kings Bay, GA.

I remember a few times Joi telling me her little brother had joined the Navy. That's all the details she gave me, I don't think I really noted them. She left me a message on myspace once or twice about it. But anyway, I remember while we were down there, I was in Division 2, and there was this dude in Division 1 I wound up talking to somehow. I think it was because someone knew we were both from Long Island, so we engaged in a conversation. Most people from Long Island are good like that, but of course, you get the occassional deuche bags who don't make conversation about it. I hate people like that. That includes people who were also formerly in the military and won't engage in discussion about it.

ANyway, he was telling me he was from Port Jefferson, and I started asking him about this girl Anne I hooked up with once, and he knew her and we were talking shit about other people, having a grand old time, realizing "wow it is a small fucking world." Little did I know, this was Joi's brother. Haha. I think they are half-siblings, and it's only significant to mention that because I couldn't see a resemblance. (When I told a few people that I had hooked up with WALKER's (that was his name) sister, they were like "eww" haha. They thought she looked like him.)

It happened once when I was randomly talking to Joi online and I told I was in Kings Bay, and she realized her brother was also there. That was fucking crazy. That's when I think me and Joi started talking a little bit more and kind of rekindling our old friendship.

Well, since I got out of active duty on June 5th, and moved back to NY, I have seen Joi a few times. We are still good friends, and I guess it's always good to have people like that in your life, that are there through thick and thin, even if you go about 2 years without maintaining the closeness, you can remember who the good ones are, and who the bad ones are. I haven't seen her brother since I've been home, but I'm sure that'll change soon. So yeah, me and Joi will probably make many more memories, and of course, I'll update this as I find neccessary.