Sarah's Side

Fred fred fred, haha the cutest punk rocker boy i had ever seen. Thats how I remember him. I had just started into my punk rock phase when I was in 10th grade. I started hanging out with older boys, who eventually became my best friends. They were in a band called Radio Days. I thought it was so cool to hang out with a band and go to all their shows. Thats how i met Scott, he was the drummer. I thought he was so cool because he had tattoos and wasnt in school and was the drummer for a sick band. We started kind of dating/seeing eachother.

I went to go to one of his shows at castle golf. As soon as i walked in i looked across the room and saw this blonde hair blue eyed punk rock boy. I was like "omg he is so cute". As the night went on, his band, Noon to Five, went on. Screaming girls were everywherem he had such a great voice, i was immediatly in love haha. Scott introduced me to him after he went on, and I thought he was so dreamy. Being in 10th grade I didnt really know much about boys, but i thought he was so cool for being in a band and being the lead singer and so on.

From there I saw fred at every show that Radio Days and Noon to Five played in. He was always so nice to me, and I thought that was soo cool, that he would take time to talk to me and even all his fans. Well, I stopped hanging out with Scott, things just werent working out. And then i didnt see Fred for about a year.

I wound up getting tickets to the Blink 182/green day/saves the day concert at jones beach and went with two of my best girlfriends. We sit down to watch and i look over only to see Fred. I sat there thinking " does he remember me? should i say hi?" Well immediately after he saw me he was like " omggg sarah!!!!" and came running over with his friends. We wound up sitting all together for the concert and having a ball. He was still the same cute punk rock boy.

After that I didnt see him untill another year later when we wound up running into eachother at the same graduation party. We caught upa bit, exchanged numbers and screen names haha so cool. I invited him to my graduate party which was a few weeks later, and him and some of his friends came. for some reason his friend showed some of my girlfriends his peircing, which was a Prince Albert. haha we all know how that went, i hear screaming and look over to see Fred Videotapin the entire event haha.

After my graduation party I havent seen Fred since then. We still continue to talk on aim all the time, and he is still the great person he was when i met him, Always sweetm and interested in how im doing. Hes a great person to know, and always talkative. Basically i hope we get married someday lol, jk but yeah freds a great guy :)