Sarah from Setuaket. Met her back in 2002 at one of the Castle Golf shows. At first, thought she was kind of cute. She was dating one of the dudes in this band called RADIO DAYS I think. This kid Scott. A heavily emo kid, who always made up stories about getting signed to FEARLESS records. I think he had a band named EMOTICON with a girl in it. Anyway, they weren't dating very long. I made friends with Scott because he liked the fact that I booked shows. Who didn't like that fact? If you don't gotta do it yourself, why not get me to do it for you? I think she may have spoken to me at first because of that.

She may or may not have come to a few of our other shows. I really don't remember entirely. I'm pretty sure I recall seeing her face at at least one or two more of the CASTLE GOLF shows. I think it was after the two of those lovers broke up. They weren't together very long after I met them. I don't remember either one of them bad mouthing the other afterwards. They probably just didn't give a fuck.

A few months later, me and Joel went to the Blink 182/Green Day concert. We had NOSEBLEED seats. This was at the JONES BEACH AMPITHEATER. SAVES THE DAY was opening. While we were up there, somehow, we spotted Sarah about 40 rows in front of us. She was with a bunch of her friends, and they were right on the edge of one of the balconies. They told us to come down there and watch the show with us.

We went down there. The only reason we were able to fit was because we were against the balcony. It was a nice night out. I remember being blown away by Green Day. I remember Blink 182 coming on after them and totally sucking. Joel was trying to hook up with Sarah's friend "Sam". I'm pretty sure she said she had mono at the time, but I don't remember if the two of them wound up kissing anyway. It was a few years later when they finally hooked up. Sarah and I didn't wind up hooking up. I wasn't always too confident with myself around women, so I never tried pushing it. I probably could have made out with her or something, but like I said I didn't try. Plus I saw my friend Jen Sluder a few rows in front of us. I remember her with this dude CHA CHI from highschool. She cried when GREEN DAY closed with TIME OF YOUR LIFE. Jen did, not Sarah haha. Yeah but we had a good time chilling with them, and we thought we would wind up hanging out a good deal after that. It didn't really happen, but whatever.

In 2003 I remember asking her if she wanted to help "break in" my mini bus, and she kind of said "yeah we could hang out". I don't think I ever pursued it. I mean, I never really thought she was GORGOUES, but I didn't really think she was ugly either. I think I saw a picture of her in a bathing suit that kind of turned me off to it. Plus I had some bad vag experience during the time we spoke, so I was kind of like "she don't look like the type of girl with a clean one" haha.

I saw her at a few more shows in 02, or maybe I didn't. Who knows haha? I know 2 years later, Joel and I were chilling when our old buddy Tom Scully came up from FL, where he had moved 2 years earlier. The night he came up, his cousin Jenna was having a graduation party. We all crashed it with him and his buddy JJ. Then, of all people, who shows up? Sarah and all her friends. I remember being pretty fucked up here. It was one of the most drunk I had ever been.

I remember at one point during this party, Joel was drunk too, started making a big deal about me NOT having my keys. And I'm NOT kidding when I say, I was NOT trying to drive. Joel just randomly started talking about. In his drunk rage, he started screaming, "GIVE ME YOUR KEYS!" and I said "dude, no. You're fucking drunk, and I'm not going to drive anyway!" The end result wound up being the guy, who's house this was, took my keys. He thought he was going to have to get aggressive. He thought I was being a belligerent drunk, and I was going to try getting behind the wheel of a car. He was a big guy too, about 10 years older than me. No doubt, he would have kicked my ass. BUt Joel was really pissing me off. I felt like a real asshole. I asked this guy if I could talk to him, and he's like "YEAH! LETS GO!" as if I was going to try taking my keys back from him. I explained to him that I was fine, and I wasn't trying to drive. Of course, I mentioned the fact I didn't trust Joel with my keys, that's why I wasn't giving them to him. I asked him to hold on to them so Joel didn't make anymore scenes. He seemed alright after I told him that. I only remember this because I was really pissed about it. Oh yeah, I also have the whole night on tape haha.

I also remember thinking one of Sarah's friends was hot. Now that I look back at it, this was probably her ugliest friend. I had bad taste in women. Sarah was dating some dude she met off myspace. This was in 2004, when I first opened up my myspace too. So I had no intentions of trying to hook up with Sarah. She had some pretty friends. I wound up thinking the short blonde one that kind of looked like a Jewish pig was cute. And it wasn't just because I was drunk. I honestly felt this way. Like I said, I didn't always have good taste in women. I had always wanted to date a short blonde girl, and I think that's what attracted me to her. (This was about 2 weeks before I met Krystal. After Krystal and Amelia, I do not want to date blonde girls for a long time)

I remember getting her number and asking her if she wanted to chill. She seemed into it at the time. I also remember after Sarah and her friends left, I was talking to a girl I thought was smoooking, but was 27 with 3 kids. Or so she said.

Anyway, Sarah told me she was having a graduation party in a week. So me and Joel, and Tom and his buddy JJ decided to go. I didn't call that girl from the party, well maybe once, but we both just kind of concurred that we'd chill at the party.

Oh yeah, and this was also during the phase that I had absolutely NO fashion sense. I wound up wearing a GUESS pink and yellow and sherbert orange striped button up shirt with a GRAY shirt underneath. And some shorts. I looked terrible. I also used to iron my hair and spike it STRAIGHT up, so it looked like a 12 year old boy. I looked awful. When I got to the party, the pig girl was there. I tried talking to her, but she kind of stayed away. She wound up going inside with some big dude, probably a football player at Ward Melville. I figured she gave him some brain or something, and kind of was like "fuck it!"

Instead of doing the rational thing, and acting normal, I acted like a condescending prick the rest of the party. Sarah didn't really care. I was nice to her. All her friends though, I acted like I was hot shit. I remember asking like 4 of her friends who they thought was hotter, me or Joel. All of them said Joel except the pigjew, who probably said me out of sympathy. I started feeling like shit, cause back in 02, girls wanted me a lot more than Joel. But then again, I was dressed ilke a coke head. I think Tom Scully wound up hooking up with that Sam girl, NOT Joel. He just cried about it. We think Tom got head from her in the bushes. I took my video camera and tried getting clips of them going at it, and some fag at the party started flipping out about it. Not sure why he was crying, but I guess between guys, its funny to try and get a video of your friend getting a BJ in the bushes. Whatever, he was probably a virgin anyway.

I remember before we left, Joel threw a cigar the 4 of us (me, Joel, Tom and JJ) had been smoking. I didn't really see much of Sarah this party. I remember her getting in a huge fight with her BF. I think he may have showed up, or they were yelling at each other on the phone. I think I tried to console her, cause I have an image of her sitting next to us, smoking a cig while being upset. Me and Sarah always got along, we just never really saw each other. As far as friends go, she always seemed more of an entertainer. She's the type that goes around talking to everyone, making sure everyone's happy. The social butterfly that doesn't stay in one place. That's not a bad thing.

I remember talking to her in 05, I think it was. She told me she was moving from Setuaket to the Patchogue area right off of Patchogue Holbrook road. We talked about things we could do, and of course, it was something I could only rub it to, because I was dating someone at the time. I remember her mentioning something about how she likes to straddle dudes, and it really turned me on. She was one of the girls I've met in my life, where we probably would have wound up fucking each others brains out, but we just didn't. Wrong time or something. Who knows. Life's not over yet. Haha.

I haven't seen her in 2 years. I used to talk to her online, but she's busy as a club promoter I think. Every once in awhile, I may send an IM her way, and she'll speak with me briefly, but it never lasts long. Some people are busy, and I understand it. I have no problems with her, and I hope she does well. She's not the type of person I'd go out of my way to see, but I'd be happy if I saw her. Unfortuneatly, I think we all have too many of those in our lives...