Jenni. "Friends" on myspace, cause she came to our shows. "Friends" because I didn't know many people with myspace at the time, she just happened to be one of them. But honestly, I don't know a fucking thing about this girl.

When I think about her though, the first thing I think about is her smiling. She was always happy, always giving us hugs. I know I met her at one of the CASTLE GOLF shows back in 02. She was the for THE BETTER HALF or PUNKMONKEYS. I think she dated Kenny, their drummer, who was the brother of our guitarist CHRIS. I remember him telling me about a hand job he received from her in the hot tub. I remember telling him that I hate handjobs unless there's lotion, so my conclusion to his story was "WHo cares? I give myself a handjob every night".

I think I saw her at a show about 2 years ago. I don't remember though. The girl really is a phantom to me.

I know I saw her once at Starbucks in Sayville. She had a friend with her that I thought was cute. I think her name was Courtney, but she was dating some kid. I was with my buddy Dan from Bagel Lovers. I remember her mentioning she thought he was hot, but he wasn't really thrilled by that. He probably didn't think she was that great looking.

Honestly, I don't what else to think. She was a face in the crowd at shows that I remember cause of the way she exaggerated the spelling in her name (mainly cause her screename was like jennnnnni or something like that I can't remember). I'd probably try telling her to come to shows if we had them again. I don't think she'd be interested.