How Alicia met Fred

I met Fred way back when I thought I could talk about baseball on Myspace with people. I came to find out that it was not the ideal place to really get a good conversation going with respectable human beings who weren't complete homers for their teams, or looking to score with some girl in a pink Yankees hat and her tits hanging out of a glittery Red Sox shirt. Fred and I were pretty much the only people who were grounded with our fandom and realized that, hey, sometimes our teams do suck (and at the time, in Fred's case, it was completely true except for when his team played mine).

We both pretty much got fed up with Jexy (is that even his real name? Because that's pretty unfortunate), and Fred ended up creating a better place to talk about baseball. Somewhere that didn't cater to fangirls and where Fred didn't try to hit on EVERY girl that somewhat knew her way around baseball. His community grew pretty quickly and wasn't cluttered with about 100,000 "fans" of the game.

I know that Fred doesn't add people he only knows from Myspace, and neither do I, so it's pretty cool that we made an exception for each other because Fred's a pretty cool guy to talk to! Even if it is about how much the Padres and Dodgers suck. Because even now with both of them trading first place with each other as often as I traded my chips for a Snack Pack as a kid, we both still know that our teams suck so hard. I mean, like why is Tomko still a major league baseball player? He must've had sex with YOUR MOM.